Melo Air Vape: The Alien Vapor Mod is a real thing

Posted October 13, 2018 09:53:56It looks like the Alien Vapor MOD is a thing.

This is the first time we’ve heard of this item, and it’s definitely a big step up from the Alien vape we’ve reviewed in the past.

The Alien mod looks like a vape juice with an air chamber that has been custom designed for the Alien.

This vape is powered by a 3.5V battery, and the Alien Vape mod features a new liquid-cooled battery with a capacity of 150w (350w max).

The Alien Vamp MOD is $179.99 and ships in August.

A look at the Alien vapor mod with a new battery.

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The Alien VAPE MOD looks like something that could be powered by an Alien battery, but it also looks like an Alien vape.

The vapor in the Alien MOD is darker and has a very distinct “alien” vibe.

The mod is available in three colors: blue, pink, and purple.

The blue Alien Vapes also ship with an extra battery pack, but says it’s not included with the Alien mod.

The other Alien Vapors also come in blue and pink, but the Alien Mod looks a bit different.

The “alien”-like colors in the blue Alien Mod make it look a bit like a vaporizer, but this mod has a new and much bigger battery.

It also ships with a more powerful 3.6V battery.

The two Alien Vaping mods ship with the same 3.0V battery and come with a removable tank.

Both of these Alien Vapers come with two different colors of juice: blue and purple, but they also ship in different colors.

We haven’t seen either of these mods shipped with a different battery pack before, so it’s still a bit of a mystery what colors the Alien Mods come in.

We haven’t yet seen any Alien mods come with an Alien tank.

Alien Vaps are usually limited to 50ml, so you’d think Alien Mods would have a larger capacity.

The liquid-coated Alien mod we reviewed last year came in at around 20ml.

However, Alien Mods usually have much larger batteries than Alien VAP’s, so Alien VAPS can get you up to 200ml or more.

The alien vapor mod comes with two flavors of juice.

Alien Vapor M1 comes in a black and blue flavor, and Alien Vapor V2 comes in orange and pink. notes that Alien V1 is the smallest Alien Vapor MOD we’ve ever reviewed, and is also available in purple, blue, and pink flavors.

AlienM1 is $199.99 with free shipping.

AlienG2 comes with an orange and red flavor and a tank.

Alien Vape Mod features:The Alien vape mod ships with an optional battery pack.

AlienMod is available on Amazon,, , and .

AlienVAP is a great place to get your Alien vape mods.

Alien Mod sells for $179 at and for Alien Vaped Mods and Alien Vipes.

We’ve heard about Alien Mods in the comments section of the AlienMod review, so we’ve taken a look at what you can expect with Alien Mods.