How to make the perfect F1 vape

F1 legend and F1 meme creator Vape Meme creator VapidFmj has released a video showing how to make a perfect F3 vape.

In the video he shows how to add flavours to the F3.

You can see a demo version of the video below:Here is the video in its entirety.

You will also find the full video at, which is a great resource for people looking to learn how to vape.

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F1 legend Vapadim Jelis was once known as a fan of F3 and F2, but has since moved on to other motorsports, including racing.

He created the F1 F3 mod for the FIA, the F2 F3 Mod for Audi and the F5 F3 for McLaren. 

Vapadims work has been featured on the website of the F4 Racing team, who also make a car called the F6 F3 GTE.