Cigarettes to be legal on Monday in the new state of Oklahoma

Cigarettes will be legal in Oklahoma on Monday, a move advocates say will help the state avoid a steep increase in the number of people who die from smoking.

The measure, which takes effect Monday, will also make it legal for retailers to sell e-cigarettes.

It’s unclear whether Oklahoma will follow other states that have already legalized the products, including Washington and Colorado.

The bill has been hailed by some tobacco control advocates as a significant step in reducing tobacco use in Oklahoma.

But it’s unclear how the state’s newly formed Department of Health and Human Services would enforce the ban.

Last week, the state Senate approved a measure to allow e-cigarette use in restaurants, bars and other places where smoking is permitted.

The House is expected to approve the measure in the coming days.

The Oklahoma Department of Labor and Industries says the new law will provide $6.8 million in tax breaks to businesses that sell and distribute electronic cigarettes.

The state will also be able to exempt businesses that produce and sell tobacco products from having to comply with the new regulations.