Thc vape maker ‘cancels’ ‘bought deal’

In the wake of a recent report from The Wall Street Journal that the makers of e-cigarettes are selling their wares for $20,000 to $25,000, a vape company in Massachusetts is pulling out of the deal.

Vaporvape, which makes vapor products, says in a press release it is withdrawing from the $10,000-$20,00-a-month deal because the terms of the agreement don’t align with the company’s business goals.

The company says it will now focus on raising funding and expanding its product line, and that it will offer the same level of service to current customers and to potential customers as it does to existing customers.

A representative for the company declined to comment on the specifics of the proposed arrangement, but did confirm that the deal was canceled.

VaporVape also says that it’s also considering an option to close its doors permanently, but says that this option is not being discussed.

It also says it’s “not currently pursuing the sale of vapor products to any new customers.”