The ‘Vape Explosion’ was a false alarm and not a vape explosion

By JAY LENOCHER, The Associated Press A false alarm is the occurrence of a false or exaggerated event.

It’s the first step in a false flag operation.

Vape explosion?

It’s not a fake.

The explosion was a result of a “reaction” to a vape vaporizer in a home in Kansas City, Missouri, the city police chief said Tuesday.

A police spokesman said officers responded to a call of a man trying to sell a vape at a house party and found it filled with smoke, according to the police department.

The spokesman did not say whether there were injuries.

Police found an empty vape tank and a battery charger, the spokesman said.

The police chief later said it was a fake, but he didn’t elaborate.

KSTP-TV reports the incident happened around 6:30 p.m.


Police said they could not say if the incident was a hoax or a false one.

No charges were filed and no one was arrested.

We are still investigating this as a false event and it is being investigated as such, Kansas City Police Chief Greg Smith told reporters Tuesday.