Firefly vape hits $100k in the US!

Firefly, the vaporizer brand owned by Vaping Wild, has hit a milestone in the market with its $100,000 first-day sales, according to a tweet from the brand. 

The vaporizer, which was created in the late 80s by a small company in California, hit $100K in sales on its first day of sales, it said. 

“The product was so successful that we decided to make a sequel, and we are extremely proud to have created the world’s first vaporizer with the best technology available,” the brand wrote on Twitter.

The Firefly V4 vaporizer features a 12.5-volt battery, with an output of 2.7 watts, which is the same as the standard vape pen, according the Firefly brand.

It is available at Firefly stores and online.