New York Times, New York Post, CNN, and other outlets announce weed vape juices as part of national push

NY TIMES The Associated Press New YorkTimes The Associated Statesman The Associated statesman New York City (AP) A national push to legalize the recreational use of marijuana is under way with the launch of several new outlets, including a new marijuana vape juice chain in New York.

The National Cannabis Industry Association, a nonprofit industry trade group, and New York-based retailer Hempco, which sells vape juice, said Monday that they will join the industry in New Jersey.

Marijuana-themed stores, such as those in Denver and Seattle, are already permitted in the New Jersey and Connecticut markets.

Marijuana vape juice sales are already legal in Massachusetts and Washington state.

Hempco says it plans to open vape juice stores in Massachusetts, Washington, Delaware and Rhode Island.

The vape juice companies say they are targeting millennials and young adults, but they also have a younger audience.

“We have a diverse customer base,” said Josh Siegel, senior vice president of marketing at Hempco.

“It’s a group that’s very active, very interested in learning and is also looking for something that they feel good about.

Hempco will launch a vape juice store in New England, said Josh Miller, an executive with Hempco and a former executive at the Marijuana Policy Project.

Marijuana is legal in all 50 states.

The new companies will be based in the Bay Area and Connecticut, and will be open only in states where there are recreational marijuana sales, the two companies said in a joint news release.

Marijuana companies are not required to register with the state.

In Washington, the state’s attorney general announced plans Monday to launch a consumer advisory board to review regulations surrounding marijuana vape shops, and in Vermont, Gov.

Peter Shumlin is considering an effort to make pot-infused food and beverages legal.

In the past, marijuana companies have partnered with marijuana advocacy groups to market marijuana products. “

We are thrilled to partner with HempCo and New Jersey to expand our cannabis products, including marijuana-infusing edibles, to the vape juice market,” said Kevin Fagan, executive director of the National Cannabis Industries Association.

In the past, marijuana companies have partnered with marijuana advocacy groups to market marijuana products.

The marijuana industry was the first to enter the vapor market, when Colorado legalized medical marijuana in 2000.

The vapor market grew to about $40 million in revenue in 2015.