Online vape store offers free ‘Bang Xl’ vape at discount to smokers

The online vape shop Bang Xl has launched a discount offer for smokers to use their smartphones and tablets to inhale a “bang” flavour.

The deal, which runs from Friday to Saturday, will give users access to a range of flavours, including:  Black Cherry, Cinnamon, Menthol, Orange, Pink, Raspberry, Raspberry Crunch, Strawberry, Sweet Strawberry and Vanilla.

It’s the first time Bang Xls offering the “bang flavor” has been offered by a retailer in Australia.

“We’re not going to be doing the standard $5.99 offer on the device and we want people to feel good about the product and not feel guilty about using it,” Bang Xll co-founder Daniel Jellicoe said.

“We want to be fair, fair and fair.”

I think that’s what it’s all about.

“The offer is a major departure from the existing “bang,” which is a low-end vape with a very small battery and a weak, low-octane tobacco flavour.

But unlike other “bang flavors,” the “Bang Xls” flavours can be accessed with the same app and are available at a discount.

For $5 a day or $15 a year, users can use the “drip” function to inhales the “sweet flavor” and vape it on their smartphones.

Users can also choose from a range to choose from, including “hot, fruity, fruidy, cool and mellow” flavours.

The deal is available from Bang Xs online store and online in the next couple of weeks.

In a press release on the company’s website, Mr Jellichoe said the “taste of the vape” was so “good” that people were asking for it.”

It’s an addictive, high-octopamine vape, and it’s not really a vape with the usual fruity or fruity sweet flavours,” he said.

Mr Jellice said the Bang X is a popular choice among customers who wanted to try vaping, but didn’t want to risk a “crazed-up, expensive vape.””

They just want to have a flavour that’s a little bit different,” he added.

Vape shops and e-commerce websites are struggling to compete with the huge online retail sector, which is dominated by online sellers and brick and mortar retailers.”

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[It’s] an exciting time for the industry, but we also know that if you’re going to do this, you need to be accountable to your customers and have a good product to sell.”

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