What’s new in the E Ink cartridge?

E Ink is a technology that uses ink to print onto the back of your pen. 

Its the same ink used on e-reader devices and the technology is currently in use by a number of companies including Google and Apple. 

Now, in a bid to make its own cartridge, Google is bringing it to the mainstream. 

The company has launched a new device called the Google Ink Pro, which comes in black, white and red. 

We’re not going to tell you what the Pro is going to look like, but it has a 3D-printed case that doubles as a pen cartridge, which is designed to be easily carried with you. 

Google has been making ink cartridges since 2008, but the company has always been hesitant to try something new. 

Last year, it tried out a 3-D printed cartridge and it wasn’t quite up to scratch. 

However, the company said that it was “proud” of its ink and would continue to make ink cartridges for other devices. 

This is the first time we’ve seen an ink cartridge from Google come to the market. 

In this new version of the Google ink cartridge, the 3D printing part is now housed in a transparent shell. 

You can see the 3-dimensional print on the back side, which means it’s much easier to hold and to see how your pen is writing. 

It has a flexible case that can be removed and replaced with any size pen.

Google’s new Google Ink cartridge is available now for $99, which includes a USB charging cable, a case and a USB cable to power it. 

Like the previous versions of the ink cartridge that Google released, the Google product will be available for pre-order later this year. 

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