When a vaping company’s name gets out of control, it could lead to a lot of trouble

A recent lawsuit alleges that vape wild, the largest vaping company in the U.S., had been running an illegal business by violating state and federal laws by promoting its brand without permission.

The lawsuit, filed in the Southern District of New York, alleges that in February 2015, a vape shop owner named Richard F. Sousa allegedly told his business partners that vape juice was a “vaping drug.”

The lawsuit alleges Sousas also falsely claimed that his company was the only company offering vape juice.

In the suit, filed last week, the plaintiff’s attorney, John F. O’Connor, claims that Sousanas “instructed his employees to use a pseudonym and told them that his name was Richard F., but that his real name was Samuel Sousans,” the New York Times reported.

Sousa denies any wrongdoing, and his attorneys did not immediately respond to ABC News’ request for comment.

The lawsuit also claims that vape vendors are “often subjected to retaliation, including physical threats and harassment,” including that the vape shop owners were told they could not leave their vape shops if they did not shut down their business.

O’Connor’s complaint states that Sysans “is a registered trademark owner of the word vape and has the exclusive right to use the word in connection with his business,” but that the name “has never been registered with the U