‘Krt Vapes’ is the new ‘Element’ vape outlet

“It’s the coolest thing,” he said.

“I’m really excited.”

While the first store opened in the suburbs of Dallas in October, it’s still early days.

It was built in a wood-paneled building with a metal roof.

Krt will be selling more traditional vapes and flavors, including e-liquids and tobacco.

“We’ve got some of the nicest tasting vape oils and flavors we can find,” Krt said.

While the vape store has been a hit, it also has drawn complaints from local residents and some local politicians.

The company says it’s trying to find a location that will allow the company to continue to expand.

KRT hopes to open the first of two new stores in the future.

“This is our second store in Dallas.

It’s very exciting, but it’s also going to be a bit of a learning curve for the community,” Krc said.

Krc says he hopes to eventually have 20 vape shops in the United States, with the company looking to expand internationally.