‘Papa Bear’ Papa Bear’s new vape pens hit Amazon: Amazon

When Papa Bear created his own brand of vape pens, he had to be creative.

Now, his new line of vape pen kits are going for $49.99 on Amazon.

The pens are made with the same stainless steel material that was used in his original pen, and they feature a plastic cover.

It is the first time that Papa Bear has used the same material in his vape pens.

You can check out the new pens for yourself in our video above.

The first product is the Tugboat Vapes.

They come in five flavors, including a black, white, red, and blue.

The pen is made with a plastic shell, and it has a retractable cap, making it easy to use with the other pens in the line.

The Tugboats pen has a metal clip that you can use to extend it out of the pen.

It’s a great option if you want to get a little more creative with your pens, or if you’re just interested in looking cool.

You can check the price on Amazon right now.

Papa Bear will be selling these pens in stores on March 25.

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