Smok Vapes gets $4.5M from California regulators

California is on track to become the first state to require vaporizers that can be used to produce nicotine-containing liquids.

The state Office of Administrative Services approved the application from Smok last month.

The vaporizer maker has a $4 million federal loan guarantee.

Smok has been seeking a permit to sell vaporizers to the state, which has limited indoor facilities.

The company’s vaporizers use an electronic heating element to produce a liquid called a vapour that can then be inhaled.

California’s vaping industry is booming.

It’s estimated that there are more than 2,000 vaporizer shops and vape shops now, according to Smok.

The California Retailers Association estimates that vaporizer sales increased by 22% last year.

Smokin’ Vapor is one of the largest vape stores in the state.

The store is located in the Bay Area, with about 100 outlets nationwide.

Smok is hoping that its vaporizers can be part of a program that the state is planning to launch next year.

The state is expected to announce the regulations by March, and it’s unclear whether they will require vape shops to register with the state or whether the state will have to make some regulations.

California has been struggling with tobacco use.

In 2012, it set a limit on cigarettes in stores and online, a move that caused many shops to close.

Smokers are also finding it hard to access health care and public services.

The proposed regulations would ban e-cigarettes and other vaping devices in public places, including workplaces and schools.