What you need to know about the Grasshopper Vape 2

We’ve been testing and reviewing the GrassHopper Vapes since we launched them in April.

But with a new generation of devices on the horizon, we thought it would be best to review our experience with each of the devices in a new series of posts.

The first GrassHoppers, the Vapers 2, arrived last month, and we’ve had a chance to see them in action, test them out and get our hands on a unit before writing this review.

In short, it’s a nice vape.

There’s no denying that, but the GrassHoppers are different from the original Grasshoppers in so many ways.

They have a slightly wider and narrower base, which is better for a more portable design.

They’ve got more air space, which means you can easily pack two of them into a bag or pack a bigger battery into a smaller one.

The new models have also got a new design, which allows you to customize the look of the vape with your own accessories.

The design itself is a little different from those of the original devices, but this has been a design choice that has worked well for both of us.

The new designs are more of a sleek and minimalist design, but still has a sturdy look to it.

The two designs we’re most impressed with are the new design of the battery and the removable screen cover.

The battery itself is quite a bit bigger than the original model, and is made of a high-density polymer.

This allows the battery to be thinner, lighter and have less of a flex factor than the previous generation.

It has a capacity of 4.8ml, which equates to 3.5 watts.

It’s one of the lightest batteries we’ve tested, which could be important for those who vape indoors.

There are two models of the Grass Hoppers available, the Grass Hoppers 2 and the GrassRV.

The first version of the new GrassRVs, the new 2.0, is the size of a small laptop.

It can take 2.5ml of juice and is compatible with eGo style and single coils.

The other GrassHopers are the larger GrassRVB 2.2, the biggest of which is the GrassBV 2.8.

This is the model with the larger battery capacity, which can take 5.5mL and can take 3.7watts.

The other model is the smaller GrassBVB 2, which has a smaller battery capacity and is only compatible with single coils and a larger 2.3ml tank.

We’ve tested the GrassRs 2.4 and the new 4.5-inch model, which are similar in size to the larger model, both of which have a larger battery and a higher capacity.

Both models feature the same design and have the same style of cover, but each have a new screen cover design.

The screens on both models are a single piece of plastic with a plastic lens at the top that provides a clear view of the glass and a view of what is inside.

The screen covers on both are removable, which makes it easy to swap them out for a different screen.

The GrassRv’s screen cover is different from all the others in that it features a transparent plastic lens, which prevents dust from getting into the glass when it’s in use.

The plastic lens allows for more air flow to enter the vapor path and keeps the vapor cleaner.

We like the idea that you can get the most out of your screen cover, and this design is perfect for the GrassVapes 2.

It doesn’t have a plastic base, but it’s more sturdy than most screens.

There’s a different cover style for each model of the herb vaporizer, which we’ll cover in the future.

The original GrassHokers had an easy-to-clean glass tank and a simple to use, single coil setup.

But that all changed with the new models.

The original model included a plastic tank that was easy to remove, but didn’t come with a removable screen.

That left the user in the position of having to buy a screen cover that had to be removed, which was quite a chore.

The GrassRRVs screen covers are quite similar in design, though the new model has a more modern design that allows for easy access to the glass tank without removing the screen cover entirely.

Both the GrassSticks and the GSticks are available in a variety of different colors, including clear, blue, pink, orange, purple, yellow, purple/red, pink/orange, green, orange/blue, and black.

The second generation of the newer GrassRVC, the 2.7V, comes with a very similar screen cover and has a different design.

This makes it easier to swap out the screen for a completely different one.

We haven’t tested the GVV but will report back when we do.

We’re excited about the new devices, and their designs are very different than the first