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VAPE LORD NORD, the vape lord who launched a $200 million venture last year, has filed a federal lawsuit against several prominent vapor makers, alleging that they are engaged in a “sabotage” campaign against him and his family, according to court documents.

The lawsuit is seeking $150 million in damages, and the company wants to hold the leaders of the vape industry and its largest brands responsible for their alleged actions, according a copy of the lawsuit obtained by The Washington Times.

The suit comes amid a heated campaign by the vape brand’s founders and executives against one another, with the former accusing the latter of trying to “destroy” his company and the former claiming the latter is “lying” to investors and the public.

“VAPE LONDONN” filed the suit Wednesday, the same day that the company filed a countersuit in federal court in Denver seeking an injunction preventing the vape makers from launching new vapor products.

The companies have also sued the federal government, alleging the U.S. government has interfered with their legal business and is violating the federal Trade Secrets Act.

The lawsuits are similar to ones filed by other major brands such as Ego, Vapewise, Smok and Vape Express, and they are the latest developments in a lengthy legal battle that has seen vape brands take legal action against one of the world’s most famous brands.

The vape brands filed lawsuits against a dozen vape companies last year and a number of them were dismissed by U.s.

District Judge James E. Boasberg last year.

A lawyer for the vape companies declined to comment on the latest suit.

“This is a matter that will be heard in the courts, and it’s important that we get this resolved,” said David J. O’Connell, the lead attorney on the vape brands case.

The court documents say the lawsuits are being filed “because the vape manufacturers have failed to adequately address the concerns raised by the plaintiffs.”

The lawsuit also accuses vape makers of “deceptive and unfair practices” and accuses the vape business of engaging in “the kind of fraudulent activity that has harmed Mr. Benson in the past,” according to the documents.

“The vape brands, like many businesses, are in an era of uncertainty and competition and this lawsuit seeks to help consumers understand the business model of vape and its business models in a timely fashion,” the suit reads.

“I am confident that the vapor businesses will prevail in this matter.”

The vape brand, based in San Diego, has a long history of legal battles with the companies that it has sued, including the e-cigarette maker NicheVape, which has been in business since 2006.

The vapor brand launched the Vape King brand in 2015, and in the months following, the brand launched two other products: a nicotine-free e-liquid and a vaporizer.

The vaping brands were able to sell the products, which were priced between $100 and $200 per pack, because the vapor brands had a lower price tag than the e.g. cigarette brands.

In the suit filed Tuesday, the vapor brand argues that the ecigarettes are “more appealing to smokers because they offer a more vapor-like flavor and are more environmentally friendly.”

In the complaint, the company argues that vape makers have been targeting the vaping brands because they have launched products that are cheaper and more widely available.

The e-cig companies, meanwhile, argue that the vaping brand’s products are less “tasty” than those sold by other vape brands.

“In light of the vapor business’s increasing popularity, the ecig business has taken steps to further target and attack the vaping industry, including using unsubstantiated allegations to falsely insinuate that the vapors are unsafe,” the eGo-branded e-liquids, which include NicheLifestyle, have said in their statement of claim.

“These unsubstantiation allegations are also likely to have harmed the business of the eLiquid brand and caused the eLiquids to lose money.”

A spokesman for vape makers declined to respond to a request for comment.

The suits also accuse the vape maker of conspiring to “abandon the vape product business, destroy its brand, and disrupt its business.”

A statement released by the vapor makers’ attorneys on Tuesday said the vape firms “have filed a motion for summary judgment on a variety of claims” related to the lawsuit.

The company is seeking to hold two leaders of vape companies and its biggest brands liable, including its founder and CEO, Michael J. Benson.

“We seek to establish damages in the amount of $150,000 per defendant,” the statement reads.